Welcome to the Travel Buzz

I’m the Traveling Wizard, aka Bill Wiatrak and a I’m a writer for the new online section of one of Houston’s favorite publications, The Buzz. I travel around the world experiencing other cultures, writing blogs, creating videos, dispensing advice and have adopted travel as a lifestyle, not as a vacation. My mission is to help my readers learn to travel better, more often and enrich their travel experiences.

My friends will often ask me where they should go on vacation and before I’ve even answered they start pondering over the prices of an all-inclusive resort they visited last year. Some would rather go someplace that they’ve already been rather than taking a chance of a new part of the world that they might not like. I understand that they may have an opportunity to only go on one vacation a year and they’re afraid of making a mistake. However, traveling to the same places year after year takes out the surprise and adventure that you experience when discovering new destinations. Do you really like to eat the same meal every day?

I find that the reason that a lot of people don’t travel as much as they’d like is that they are not very flexible. A low priced flight might be too early for them to consider, or they aren’t willing to drive to a neighboring airport; sometimes they’re just set on sleeping in their own bed. Other factors might be fears of not having enough money, knowing the language, disease or terrorism. I’ve found that if one is willing and open-minded, very few of these things are realistically going to be an issue.

My goal is to help you discover fun ways to add travel to your life. My articles are designed  to help you get over your fears, learn how to take mini-trips and how to go to the one place that you’ve always dreamed of going but have never visited for some reason. Just like many people need a trainer to help them learn to workout, or a team has a coach to help them work together better, I hope to do the same for you when it comes to your traveling.

I welcome your questions and requests for articles about particular subjects or places. Please put your seat in the upright position, turn off your mobile device and enjoy the ride.

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