Author - Bill Wiatrak

How to Smarten up Your Dumb House

TURNING YOUR HOME INTO YOUR BEST FRIEND “Alexa, play The Matrix movie, turn on my fireplace and put bedroom fan at 30%.”  I’m spoiled. Alexa is my virtual assistant (read digital sweat shop worker) and between her and my other “robots”, almost everything in my house is turned on, off or moderated by my voice. If you’re new to smart homes, smart water or smart...

My Auditions, Movie Roles, and Other Random Videos

I had a small part in the VH-1 Movie- Hammer-“Too Legit Too Quit”. I loved being part of a film that was shown all over the world. Here’s a few of my clips. I got to be part of this film with Michael Biehn and William Forsythe. A couple days were shot at my house, William is wearing my shirt and I got a small role in the movie. This copy isn’t...

Getting Called For The Amazing Race

I put together an audition for the Amazing Race a couple years ago and guess what? They called. There was one space available for a couple in 4 days and they had chosen my video! There were a few problems though. First, I was leaving in 3 days for a trip to Kazakhstan and was going to be traveling for 2 weeks. Did I want to miss that trip? Second, the producers were...

Mykonos, Greece In A Day

What do you do when you have a port stop in Mykonos for a day? Rent an ATV and go explore the island! The Traveling Wizard, aka Bill Wiatrak, visits this beautiful Ionian Isle and visits windmills, beaches, Mykonos town and a bakery.

Harry Potter Studios- London, England

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Located north of London is Harry Potter Studios, a Warner Brothers attraction featuring the sets, costumes, and props used to create one of the most popular film franchises in the world. Follow me as we walk through the highlights of the sights and sounds of the Harry Potter movies.

The Road to Hana- Maui

Maui is beautiful. The Road to Hana is not only the one road that circles the island, but it’s Mauis most famous drive. Some drivers love it and others, not so much. Follow me as I show you the highlights. Special thanks to Lahaina Shores Beach Resort for an amazing stay.

A Day in Lagos ,Nigeria

Nigeria might not be the first place on your list of travel destinations, but there’s great art, warm people and you can still find natural wonders just outside the cities. Follow the Traveling Wizard (Bill Wiatrak) as we explore a few places and sample some Nigerian food.