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Where am I going next?

West Africa

I’ve been to every country in the southern part of the African continent, most of the eastern part of the country and every northern country except Libya. So what’s left? A lot.

My next big adventure will take me to the largest city in Africa, Lagos, Nigeria. From Nigeria, I plan on heading west through Benin and Togo to Ghana. Ghana has Mole National Park, one of the finest game reserves in west Africa. Togo is the birthplace of voodoo.

If time permits, I’ll stop into the Ivory Coast and possibly cross into Burkina Faso. This part of the world is a little more difficult than visiting….say….Europe. Visas are expensive, travel is more difficult and most of these spots are a little less familiar with dealing with travelers.

Are you on my route? Let me know if you’ll be anywhere I’m headed.