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Where am I going next?

Hawaii- April 2019

I’ll be in Hawaii next week with a small press trip visiting The Lodge at Kukui’ula.

I’ve never been to any of the islands other than Oahu, so I’m really looking forward to it.


One of the greatest perks about traveling is the people you meet along the way.  You become their friends.  You join them for dinner.  You share a taxi.  Interacting with locals is the best way to see a destination for everything it offers and create lasting memories (and maybe social media friends).

British Isles- May 2019

I’ll be visiting the UK the first half of May. My route is taking me to Liverpool, Scotland, London and St. Andrews. I’ve visited all of these places in the past, but not since I’ve been producing videos or writing.

More exciting is that I’ll be visiting The Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. These islands are connected to the UK but have their own autonomy, flag, and should be quite different from the mainland.