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Where am I going next?

Due to the worldwide pandemic and resulting quarantine, my last 7 trips have canceled or been postponed. I’ve been able to do some short road trips, but it appears international travel will probably not be possible until mid-July at the earliest.

Until things open a bit more, I’m not making solid plans. However, I have a couple of possible trips queued up in my mind depending on how world travel changes in the next couple months. Here are a few ideas:

Lahore, Pakistan

India/Pakistan and Uzbekistan– My March trip to India canceled, but I still have a one-year visa. I plan on visiting Kerala, then traveling to the Amritsar and crossing the border to Pakistan. I’ll spend a few days in Lahore and then make my way to Uzbekistan.

Copper Canyon extends from Chihuahua to Los Mochis on the west coast.

Copper Canyon– If Mexican borders open, but air travel remains difficult, I’m looking at driving my vehicle to Chihuahua and taking the famed train through one of the most amazing canyons in the world.

USA Road Trip– I’ve been looking into doing a working road trip to visit some places I haven’t been before. The concept is to do ride sharing and deliveries in the morning in the city I’m visiting to fund the trip, then use the balance of the day for sightseeing. Would this generate enough income and give me enough free time to enjoy the trip? That’s the big experiment.

Pacific Islands– I’ve got 15 countries in the south Pacific to visit and I’ve found a travel hack using Nauru airlines to visit 6 of them. It’s still not super cheap and I need to get to Brisbane or Fiji to get started.

Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas– I’ve visited almost every state in Mexico except for Chiapas and Sinaloa. There’s some amazing sights in this rich state including the ruins at Palenque. I’ll probably fly to Villahermosa via Mexico City, and rent a car to continue to the Olmec ruins and Palenque.

Are you on my route? Let me know if you’ll be anywhere I’m headed.


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