The Three Coolest Places to Sleep and Shoot Photographs in Houston.

We’ve all rented an Airbnb that has us scratching our heads of how we ended up there. There’s few things that are as depressing as being stuck in a room with a non-working AC, bare walls, and bedspreads that look like they came from someone’s Grandma’s garage sale. I try not to book such places, but on those occasions where I’ve rented a place that looks nothing like the listing photos, it makes me appreciate the hosts that go the extra mile.

That’s why Airbnb created a superhost category. Airbnb also has an OMG! category for special rare spots that exceed travelers’ expectations. I’m happy to say, my Airbnbs are in both categories. My properties have been featured in International travel articles and have become filming locations for several films, hundreds of music videos and have gone viral on TikTok. As a travel writer, I’m always looking for unique experiences and places to stay. I created spaces with attention to what would make me happy. The devil is in the details.

The Rockstar Retreat– This house is absolutely outside the box. Imagine buying a house with no intention of reselling it or worrying about what the future owners might think. That’s what we did. Walk into the front door into the Mercury Room, a living space dedicated to the late Freddie and his band Queen. Unique furniture such as a red royal gold throne, giant video screen, a life-sized Freddie painted on the wall, band photos, gold records….you know, rockstar stuff. Wander into the Pink Side of the Moon bedroom which will wow both Roger Water fans as well as Barbie aficionados’. The artist formerly known as “the symbol” has a room that takes purple and gold to levels beyond what the human mind can imagine. The Sex Pistols’ Punk Rock bathroom will change the way you get your potty on. If you like something a little fancier, try Elton’s John, with a red piano, a gold toilet and a red heart shaped bathtub (currently under construction), a peek into Reginald’s closet and so much more. The Red Zeppelin room is a ridiculously large bedroom that has to be seen to be believed. It’s got thrones, a stage with gold curtains, lights, Fender strat, microphone, an English Phone Booth, a giant round bed with rockstar sheets, a hidden nook, a swing, The giant TV screen is voice controlled, there’s a secret hidden massage room and a dance pole right in the middle of all the action. Robert Plant wishes he was staying here. The house also has a 50s Elvis diner with jukebox and a Jack Johnson Hawaii themed outdoor patio called The Monkey Bar. In the next few weeks, we’ll be adding a small wading pool and deck. You can rent the entire place here;

The Most Interesting House in Texas– This house really lives up to its moniker and has to be seen to be believed. The entrance is a Greek-inspired throne room. An Italian living room with balcony and sky painted ceiling, and an Amalfi coast inspired kitchen. However, that’s just the beginning. The outside pool area features a pool with waterfall, grotto and river feature. Giant life-sized moai tiki statues dot the pool area and gaze out towards the 30 foot round cabana that would even make Jimmy Buffet salivate. Palm trees and unique statues adorn this beautiful space that makes guest feel like they discovered a secret island inside of suburbia.

The house’s biggest bedroom is the Versailles room, a nod to the French king Louis XIV with art, royal sofas and thrones, a king sized poster bed, a designer fridge, a hot tub, chandeliers, large TV and everything voice controlled. Next, there’s the Chinese Room. What does it feel like to sleep on a 175 year old bed? Not so good 175 years ago, but with modern mattresses and giant Thai Foo Lions protecting you, you’ll sleep like a baby. The Asian theme continues with kimonos, bamboo mats and an Eastern bathroom that segues the other part of the suite, The Kashmir room. Low-lying furniture, dimly lit lamps and a gigantic Buddha on the wall

The Pirate Paradise-Everyone loves pirates and mermaids and sailing the seven seas. This houseboat is nestled in a quiet harbor, far from the din of cannon fire. A mermaid themed bedroom and pirate themed living room and deck, the boat comfortably sleeps four with a sleeper sofa and full sized bed. Moments away from some of Clear Lake and League City’s best restaurants and bars, it’s an easy swim or drive to the area’s best seafood.