A Short-Term Setback

The coronavirus came from nowhere and within just a few weeks all my future trips were canceled. I had a trip scheduled early March to Uzbekistan, Pakistan and India going through China. Now it seems pretty obvious why that one got nixed.

Second was a trip to Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day to cover the parade and the dyeing of the river. That got canceled 3 days before I was supposed to leave.

Third was a stay at the famous ice hotel in Quebec before the end of it’s season. That canceled the day before.

And finally a cruise to Italy with my mom and her husband…ha. No one’s taking any cruises to Italy anytime soon.

As soon as things settle down a bit, I’ll probably do some domestic trips. I havent’ been able to spend any time in Detroit or Raleigh. There are a few islands left on my list in the Caribbean as well. The next few weeks should determine how travel is going to go from here.

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