In Australia November 2019

I’ve been trying to get to Papua New Guinea for quite some time and I finally figured out the easiest way to see a bit of it without the normal hassle and expense involved in getting around that country. Holland America does a 17 day cruise that hits the highlights of Australia’s east coast with several stops in PNG. Holland America is my favorite cruise line and taking this cruise from Sydney was waaaaay cheaper than any other way of traveling to these destinations. Before I start the cruise, I’m going to Vanuatu for a few days to do some diving and see a little bit of this island nation. I’m going to be diving in Espiritu Santo for a couple days and visiting Port Vila before heading to Sydney for the cruise.

I’m traveling with Holland America along the East coast of Australia to Papua New Guinea, my 196th country (out of 233). I’ll also be spending a few days in the island nation of Vanuatu.

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