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The Road to Hana- Maui

Maui is beautiful. The Road to Hana is not only the one road that circles the island, but it’s Mauis most famous drive. Some drivers love it and others, not so much. Follow me as I show you the highlights. Special thanks to Lahaina Shores Beach Resort for an amazing stay.

Mesmerizing Mauritius

The cool seawater lapped against the jet black boulders like liquid turquoise. It was hard to believe I was in Mauritius, a remote independent island east of Madagascar. It’s been a favorite of Europeans and South Africans for decades, but not a lot of  Americans make the 20 hour flight. As soon as you see the blue water and white sand, it all suddenly feels...

Grenada Port of Call

Welcome to Grenada, as we stop for a day at this lovely island.

The Traveling Wizard visits the island of Grenada and stops at a waterfall, a spice factory, an old fort, and samples some of the local cuisine.