Free Travel Advice

Looking for travel answers? I’m available (although possibly in another time zone somewhere on the Earth) and happy to answer questions about where to go, where not to go, what food to try, what country has the best places to visit and all that. I’ve been to all the continents, the 7 wonders of the world and 211 countries. I’m not finished by any means and I don’t know everything, but, I have been around. I’ve figured out how to squeeze in more in a day than some people do in a week. I’ve learned how to make my money go farther without sacrificing experiences. I love sharing my knowledge and helping others find their happiness in travel the same way I’ve found mine. So, message me with any questions you might have and I’ll try to answer them in a timely fashion.


Travel agencies disappeared off the planet a few years ago when Skynet took over our lives and we found that the internet could save us money and time. Instantly, we could book our tickets in the middle of the night and even look at obscure airline companies that travel agencies hadn’t even heard of. The future looked bright.

There was only one problem. Robots don’t have any imagination.

You can link all the databases in the world, but most booking apps are similar. They crunch numbers with airport codes and the next thing you know, your romantic transatlantic flight drops you in 2 or 3 random airports in the middle of the night and has you arriving 2 days after you left with nothing to show for it except a bunch of Starbucks receipts.

I can fix that.

Search engines also don’t take into account that you might need to sleep, crave an exciting adventure or the fact that the human body doesn’t fit very well into an airline seat for 30 hours. It’s not in the apps’ programming to question whether you might want a longer stopover in Dubai so that you can see the world’s tallest building or pet a penguin at Dubai Mall.

I can fix that too.

Shot of a young woman falling asleep at the airport while waiting for departure

And since there’s so much fear linked to travel in this country, many of us pick a place where we know someone because we’re not really sure where to go or what to do once we get there. Or we commit the worst travel crime of all: We stay in the same hotel for a week.

If that’s you, stop. Please never do that again. I can’t fix that if you keep doing it.

My travel consulting service is simple. I give you great advice on where to go and I find you the best price for your tickets. I’m available to chat with you and share an infinite amount of knowledge that you can’t find on the internet.

If you’d like me to help you, fill out this form and let me know the best time to contact you. My fee per trip is $99. I’ll create a post with the lowest airfare available, suggested hotels, experiences and restaurants. I can guarantee I’ll save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and make your trip more interesting than you could have imagined. I can find you free (or cheap) stopovers on the way to wherever you want to go. I have a money back guarantee as well.

“We need to talk”

Once I have your dates, wish list, and previous travel experience, I’ll shop your flights and find you the best deal in the universe. I’ll find you cool stopover ideas, tell you what everything costs, send you links and send you a blog that looks something like this. Next, you tell me if you love it as is or what you’d like to change. I’ll add to your itinerary as you add places you’d like to go or get more specific about your interests.

Some of my clients like to find the best price they can on their own and do some research about places on their lists. If you have time for that, all the better. If I can’t find you a better price I’ll let you know immediately and still be happy to give you free recommendations.