The Most Awesome Airbnb in Texas!


Airbnb has changed the world. There’s no doubt about that. All the things your mom told you not to do: Don’t get into a stranger’s car (Uber), don’t go to people’s houses you don’t know (AIRBNB) and don’t chew gum with your mouth open (okay, she was right about that) turned out to be wrong.

The Secret Mummy Room Photo: Bill Wiatrak

So, if you like my stories, blogs, posts, etc. and you’d like to hang out at my unique house, OR you just happen to be in Houston (or Beaver Creek, Co) and need a place to stay, my Airbnb’s are outside the box and a vacation destination in themselves.

Bill’s Magic Moai Bar Photo: Bill Wiatrak

The backyard is a huge tropical paradise with life-sized Easter Island statues, a 30 foot cabana bar, hot-tub and waterfall pool. Enjoy a tropical drink in the bar with DJ lighting, a TV, and sound system. The pool and music system is all voice controlled. It has it’s own Instagram account called Bill’s Magic Moai Bar. Here you’ll find photos of most of the rooms.

The Russian Room Photo: Bill Wiatrak

The Russian Room is one of our shared areas, and the front lobby of our space. Thrones (and crowns to go with them). a marbled Versace Medusa floor, a crystal chandelier and Russian décor make this room an Instagram favorite.

The Italian Living Room Area Photo: Bill Wiatrak

The Italian living room is another common area with Venetian and Veronese building facades, a sky-painted ceiling and tons of statues, art pieces and murals.

Egyptian Game Room Photo: Bill Wiatrak

The Egyptian game room is a tribute to Luxor’s antiquities, with hieroglyphic themed walls, life sized mummies, canopic jars, and a 7 foot tall Anbubis statue. A Ramses II statue dominates the room. Can you find the secret hidden chambers? If so, you’ll be rewarded with a visit to our most famous secret room. If you’d just like to hang out in the Egyptian mummy room, there’s a sound system and TV as well.

Versailles Room Photo: Bill Wiatrak

Several of the bathrooms are equipped with Japanese bidets, there’s a giant kitchen with everything you need to create a culinary adventure and there’s a washer and dryer if you feel like doing some laundry. Here are the rooms available for rent.

Versailles Room Photo: Bill Wiatrak

The Versailles Room– The primary bedroom and a tribute to France’s Louis XIV, this beautiful space is hidden behind a wine room and is full of art, luxurious sofas and chairs, chandeliers and voice controlled everything. A king-sized canopy bed, thrones, a sitting room and a jetted tub in the master bath will make you feel like royalty. The TV is also voice controlled and there’s a night sky light that will make you feel that you’re far away from civilization.

African Serengeti Room Photo: Bill Wiatrak

African Serengeti Room-I’ve been to Africa over a dozen times and I’ve distilled some of my favorite elements into this super comfortable space. A completely unnecessary mosquito net, prehistoric paintings, masks from all over the continent and lots of wood carvings make up this Airbnb favorite. If you’re looking for something a little different, try to find the African vortex, a hidden room with blacklight, psychedelic mushroom paintings, grass floor, and it’s own sound system. There’s a private bathroom with more cave paintings and a disco shower.

Luxury Jail Suite Room – Photo: Bill Wiatrak

Luxury Jail Experience Before the City of Pearland decided that we weren’t allowed to do hip hop videos at my place, we had a long line of “who’s who” recording here. Z-Ro, Slim Thugz, Paul Wall, and Lil Flip are a few artists who shot their music videos at Bill’s Magic Moai Bar. My place has its share of thrones and upscale backdrops, but there was always a need in Houston for the “I got caught” set. Every successful hip hop artist has some “rags to riches” or jail backstory, so we built one…a jail I mean.

Jailbird Photo Shoot Photo: Bill Wiatrak

Why? You can’t shoot a video at a real jail (and who wants to)? So we created legit bars and just the right amount of gray cement to make filmmakers happy. However, we also wanted guests to be able to spend the night, so we added black/white striped towels, bunk beds, orange designer prison robes and a sleeper sofa with a jail playlist on our big screen TV. We have an electric chair that works (not enough to do permanent damage). If that’s not exciting enough, there’s a secret door that opens into “The Yard”, a private prison deck yard experience. There’s a private outdoor shower and tons of fun themed details to give you the perfect Instagram photo experience.

The Chinese Room Photo: Bill Wiatrak

The Chinese Ming Dynasty Room– This Asian inspired space has a 175 year old Chinese wedding bed with life-sized Thai Fu Lions guarding it. A bamboo rug, Mongolian furniture and a few Buddhas will make you feel as if you’re not in Kansas anymore. A private bathroom with tub, shower and separate make-up area are also in the space. This room is currently being rented long-term and is not available.