Sleep in Van Gogh’s Room and Watch TV at the Simpson’s.

OR…..Just get married in Paris.

What do Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Eiffel, Toulouse-Latrec and Matt Groening t have in common? They’re all contributors to Houston’s newest and most unique airbnb and event venue. Welcome to a little slice of Paris in H-town, Le Chat Noir.

Watch TV in The Simpson’s Living Room- Photo: Bill Wiatrak Art: Natalia Victoria

Le Chat Noir translates to “ The Black Cat” and inside the Houston, Texas version’s walls is an eclectic venue of art, European facades and spaces with a little modern pop culture thrown in. The ballroom is a mock-up of a Parisian street with awnings, patisseries, restaurants and a hotel. One of its restaurant exteriors is named Chez St. Nick’s and as you might imagine, it’s decorated for the holidays 365 days a year. The Eiffel tower looms in the background. A black cat gazes at a small bird on a rafter. Aaaaah, Paris

Bedroom at Arles in Houston Photo: Bill Wiatrak Art: Natalia Victoria

Open the red door and suddenly you’re transported to Van Gogh’s bedroom in Arles, France. Vincent loved his room in southern France so much, he painted it thrice. Curl up in the turquoise room and now you’re part of the masterpiece. How cool is that? Yes, you can spend the night in Vincent’s digs

Even the Toilette is Interesting Photo: Bill Wiatrak Art: Natalia Victoria

Maybe you’ve wondered what the other side of the iconic painting might look like if Van Gogh had done a panoramic version of the room. See for yourself. At first glance the bed seems small, but it’s not. Van Gogh had a secret lever below that doubled the size of the bed in a moment. Open the shutters to enjoy the French landscape  or fall asleep counting the stars above Vincent’s bed. Every night is a starry night in Bedroom at Arles. 

Dali Bathroom ” The persistence of toilet paper” Photo: Bill Wiatrak Art: Natalia Victoria

Van Gogh, like his contemporaries, made little attempt to paint realistic paintings. The invention of the camera had made it nearly impossible to compete with photographic images. Over the next few decades, art became cartoony, surreal, abstract and da da to such a point that the world started perceiving soup cans, paint splatters and red squares as art . Out of this muddled palette Salvador Dali took his dreamy images and created his iconic melting clock painting, “The Persistence of Memory”.

The bathroom is a faithful tribute to this famous work. The Great Masturbator, another  Dali masterpiece, is ironically displayed in all its surrealist glory next to the giant portrait of the man himself. Don’t worry about how long you stare at it. None of the melting clocks have the correct time.

The Candy Shop Door leading to the Simpson’s Photo: Bill Wiatrak Art: Natalia Victoria

Did I mention there’s a candy store time machine? Sure, the lollipops in the store window are tempting, but behind the bright yellow door and donut curtains lies another dimension. Travel to somewhere between 1989 and now. Make yourself at home on the orange couch, flip on the tv and imagine a simpler time when a person could enjoy some donuts and an ice cold Duff. The iconic orange sofa is a sleeper bed, so you can pass out in front of your favorite episode of the Simpson’s. 

Black and White 60’s SCI-FI themed kitchen – “50 Shades of Grayvy” Photo: Bill Wiatrak Art: Natalia Victoria

The kitchen is reminiscent of the black and white comic book style popularized by Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf. Exaggerated shaded walls and dishes, a checkered floor and a few culinary basic appliances – (a microwave ovenand fridge are present to help get food colder or hotter), but when in Paris, make crepes. Airbnb guests can have their own DIY French breakfast with the perfectly set temperature crepe machine. 

“The Artiste” Natalia Victoria enjoying a view of the Eiffel Tower Photo: Paul Carpenter

The venue is also available for weddings, birthday parties, company parties, pop-ups, dinners, music videos, photo shoots and VR events. The venue can accommodate about 50 and also has a cozy deck/bar area under a giant shady oak tree.

Le Cadre (The frames) DIY bar area. Photo: Bill Wiatrak

Incredible Events offers special pricing on aerial artists, living statues, living paintings, Dj’s, private chefs, champagne dress servers, impersonators and catering; all easily booked through Peerspace add-ons or directly through the Incredible Events website.

For more information, you can contact the property at 832-860-2455 or