The Traveling Wizard of Oz

Bill Wiatrak, a.k.a. The Traveling Wizard, hosts a popular travel blog featuring entertaining videos, eye-catching photos and articles from some of the most exotic locations around the world.

As a prolific travel writer and video producer, Bill Wiatrak has visited 186 countries and all 7 continents. He has traveled to the most famous cities, both ancient and modern throughout the globe.  The Traveling Wizard shatters common travel myths and shows the world that anyone can travel as a lifestyle. Bill’s articles cover a wide range of topics including visits to unusual destinations, art, archaeology, food, animals, culture, natural wonders and cemetery tourism.

But enough about that!

Hamish and Andy! You brought Frank Stallone to Australia nine years ago… now bring The Traveling Wizard. He plays guitar! He sings! He does magic tricks! He even used to be a professional clown back before clowns were creepy and lured you in via a storm drain. He’s funny and has travel stories that will knock your socks off. He’s chased the most well-known art around the world. He’s driven some of the most dangerous roads. He’s eaten the strangest foods. He searches for famous graves and snaps selfies outside rock stars’ childhood homes. He’s probably the only travel writer with a 5am “dead photo” on Abbey Road. Even the Queen’s palace guard is following him on Instagram (Bill was so excited the guard noticed him until we pointed out that it’s “his job to notice you, Bill”).

Australia in the 80s

  • He hitchhiked around the entire country
  • Climbed Ayres Rock
  • Stayed underground in Coober Pedy
  • Worked as a waiter for an entire week at the Sydney Opera House
  • Played guitar on the street

He’s on social media


?Travel As a Lifestyle
186 countries 

Phone:  832.860.2455

Just a few more countries to go!

Let’s get Bill there!

South Pacific Map o’ Amazing Fun

Before Bill leaves for these countries (of which he doesn’t actually have flights yet; don’t you guys know Richard Branson? Can you make some calls?), invite him to Melbourne to be on your show to talk about travel, backpacking through Australia in the 80s, his attempt at working as a waiter at the Sydney Opera House for an entire week, and more!

Bring Bill to Australia, or better yet even accompany him to the South Pacific Islands. Heck, he has a Moai bar in his backyard in Houston, Texas if you are ever stateside and want to feel like you traveled 22 hours from Australia on a plane to be in the South Pacific. Many a rap video, photo shoot and B-movie have been shot at his house. He has stories. A lot.

Listen to his podcast

Episode 16 – Loving the F with Bill Wiatrak – Forbidden Travel | Loving the F

Bring this cowboy rockstar travel writer entertainer to Oz

…. and his assistant too! Check out his social media channels. Enjoy his videos and we look forward to hearing from you. Your fans in the US await!

Thank you, Hamish and Andy!