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Two days in Northern Iraq

Welcome to Iraq-my jet lag and mini-bar finally caught up with me today. i went back to the hotel to research a good place to eat and fell into an afternoon coma. Miraculously I still got some nice shots of “slices of life” and met some nice people. Tomorrow I’m getting up early and I’m filming it right.

German Tourism

Nazi Tourism – Hitler’s Beginning and End

I was standing on the floor of what used to be The Berghof, or Hitler’s house. It’s always been hard for me to think of the world’s most hated man as being a real person, but he had a house, a girlfriend, he painted and he lived in one of the most beautiful areas of Bavaria. His home was obliterated off the map by Allied forces, but there are little bits of his life...

Jackson Hole

A Quick Getaway in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I never figured out exactly where “the hole” was in Jackson Hole, but I guess it didn’t matter all that much. The town’s closest airport is located in Grand Teton National Park and the dramatic mountains framing the runway were a stunning sight as I stepped off the plane. It had to be one of the prettiest airports I’ve ever seen in the world. I walked through the...

Los Angeles Cemetary

Looking Down at the Stars

We all heard the big news when Hugh Hefner died. His first playmate, Marilyn Monroe, the celebrity that helped launch his controversial magazine to super stardom, was someone he had never met. In spite of this fact, he chose to buy the last piece of real estate he would ever use right next door to her. After decades of a life that few of us can possibly imagine at...

Shanghai Disney

We arrived at Shanghai Disney 30 minutes before it opened, but the crowds of Chinese tourists were already gathering by the trainload. The Happiest Place on Earth had expanded its universe to Shanghai a few years  ago and business was booming. I was more than a little curious how Disney would fare in the Far East.  Would Chinese kids recognize Mickey or Cinderella...