Island hopping adventure in the Indian Ocean

Winter 2019

January 18 to January 31, 2019

Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles…

will add three more countries to my list, raising the number to 186 in the world that I have visited.  I teach and encourage travel as a lifestyle, searching for ways to incorporate it into everyone’s lives in a sustainable way. Using the magic of persuasion, I eliminate the initial fear travelers may have when it comes to destinations that may seem so far out of reach but are actually easy to visit.

  • January 18-21: Mauritius
  • January 24-27: Comoros
  • January 28-31: Mahe Island, Seychelles

With our direct collaboration, The Traveling Wizard will inspire readers, followers and fans to visit your island and stay at your resort. 

Through complimentary accommodation courtesy of your hotel, The Traveling Wizard and his assistant will be able to fully experience your brand, hotel and service with real-time updates to readers, followers, fans and travelers.


Who is my audience

Followers of The Traveling Wizard are predominately in the United States, however we have a growing global following.  They are professionals with a disposable income, educated but eager to learn about the world.  They embrace travel as a lifestyle and enjoy the creature comforts, fine dining and outdoor adventures.  They are willing to pay a little extra for convenience.

How do I reach them?

Fans of The Traveling Wizard are active on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest.  By utilizing the best hashtags, our followers will be introduced and exposed to the Princess Cruise line brand from ideation to fruition, initial booking to posting their dream vacation photos for family and friends.  Our readers engage in dialog with The Traveling Wizard daily through posting comments, testimonials and giving feedback across all channels.

Why the Indian Ocean?

Our readers embrace a higher standard of vacation with an appetite for adventure. They prefer exotic locales combined with service, style and everything at their fingertips.  They are more likely to upgrade, take advantage of exclusive services and purchase additional features.  Your resort is the premiere vacation destination our fans are looking for, and through our articles, videos and photos, they will get the inside scoop to making their trip the most memorable ever.

So how can we make the magic happen?

With the assistance of your marketing and promotions teams providing complimentary accommodation to The Traveling Wizard and his assistant, we will gain access to exclusive aspects your resort to promote to our readers, followers, viewers and fans on a real-time basis during the trip.  By alleviating the worry of where to stay, we will educate our followers with all they need to know to make their dream vacation a reality.  Press credentials are available upon request.

Is there a hidden gem you need us to shine?

We would love to be the first to experience new and exciting features of your resort, including upgrades to rooms and new dining culinary adventures.  A behind-the-scenes tour is a must, as although our followers are mostly well-traveled and may have been guests in high-end resorts before, they aspire to be at the forefront when it comes to new experiences.

About Bill Wiatrak

Bill Wiatrak, aka The Traveling Wizard, is a popular travel blog that features entertaining videos, eye-catching photos and articles from some of the most exotic locations around the world.  As author and producer, Wiatrak has visited 186 countries, all 7 continents, and has traveled to the most famous cities, both ancient and modern throughout the globe. The Traveling Wizard shatters common travel myths and shows the world that anyone can travel as a lifestyle. Wiatrak’s articles cover a wide range of topics including visits to unusual destinations, art, archaeology, food, animals, culture, natural wonders and cemetery tourism.

Phone:  832.860.2455

The Traveling Wizard is created by Bill Wiatrak with website production and marketing by Jennie Timar.

Story Ideas

Behind the Scenes
Let’s show your future guests some of the behind-the-scenes views of the daily workings of an island resort or hotel.  How many people does it take to cater all of the restaurants and buffets?  How do you turn down each room and maintain a consistent high quality each and every time?  Who is the concierge greeting every guest in the lobby?  Our readers would love the inside scoop.

Great Food
With the uniqueness of island food, coupled with the international nature of guests, expectations are high, appetites are plenty and dinner is about to be served. Our readers are eager to try new foods, exciting flavors and specialty drinks. But it’s not just about the food; we would love to profile the wonderful caterers, cooks and serving staff who really set the table when it comes to stellar dining experiences.

Day Trips
Our fans love to explore new surroundings, whether it’s off the beaten track or simply a stroll along the beach. What excursions or trips does your resort offer? What activities do you provide on site? Our fans are planners:  they like to make bucket lists and know their choices ahead of time.  Let’s tell them all the different activities available.

Hidden Gems
What’s something passengers may not know about your resort?  Trivia they can drop in conversation during happy hour?  A classic tidbit they can post on Instagram?  Our followers like to be “in the know,” and we want them to know.  What makes your resort unique and above the competition?

The Traveling Wizard will be broadcasting live on Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram throughout the trip with daily postings on Facebook and Instagram.  Final cut compilation videos will air on YouTube.

Let’s get in contact now!

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