My Auditions, Movie Roles, and Other Random Videos

This post is just a place holder to put various movie clips that don’t really fit my Youtube channel. If you’re looking for my travel videos, you can find them here. Otherwise, here’s some random stuff that I’ve done over the last few years.

I had a small part in the VH-1 Movie- Hammer-“Too Legit Too Quit”. I loved being part of a film that was shown all over the world. Here’s a few of my clips.
I got to be part of this film with Michael Biehn and William Forsythe. A couple days were shot at my house, William is wearing my shirt and I got a small role in the movie.
Travel Show audition. Did I get the part? Not yet.
Jauntaroo Audition for Travel Show Host
Before I started doing the Traveling Wizard Show, I was one of the Traveling Idiots. This is an audition we did to take over the Jonathon Walton show in Houston.
I got to emcee and introduce the hosts of Extreme Home Makeover Show. In some versions of the show, I was replaced by Paul Rodriquez (shot in post)
Shawn Welling is a talented film director who cast me in a small role as a ghosthunter in Project Aether. Here’s a trailer from the movie.
A Great Movie from Sam Rivas that’s Being Released in the Near Future…. The Pizza Joint Movie. I had a small part in the film and a few scenes were filmed at my home.
Back in the 80s, I was a huge Cars fan. I had a bad experience at a church dance I tried to attend, and was inspired to write a song about it. My friend Van Buchanan and I recorded it. There’s a definite Ric Ocasek influence in this and the building in the photo is the church where it all began.
A commercial audition outside my house that required a Richard Attenborough feel to it. Silly, but here it is anyway.
One of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. Recorded and performed by Van Buchanan.

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