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Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day– Have you ever thought about visiting Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day? I did last year. I’ll tell you about Temple Bar, The Irish Parade, and how I accidentally embarrassed myself in front of Bono.

Traveling to Iceland– Does anyone ever pick a cold place for vacation? Besides me, I mean? Iceland is a great free stopover  on the way to Europe and offers amazing hot springs, spectacular waterfalls, rugged scenery, a quirky capital city and an opportunity to get up close and personal with the northern lights….

Croatia– You never heard about this place 30 years ago….oh yeah, it didn’t exist…. Now it’s becoming one of the hottest destinations in Europe. What’s so great about it? Ummmmm….ancient ruins, beautiful islands, walled cities, great food. If you love Italy, you’ll love the sequel.

The Less Romantic Road– If you’ve been to Germany once, more than likely you’ve done the castles, Bavaria, and the medieval towns on the “Romantic Road”. More and more travelers of late are interested in visiting the Germany of WW2 and seeing what’s left of the stadiums, camps and headquarters of the Nazis as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of the war. Sure, it’s depressing, but it gives you amazing insight how an entire country can be misled by the politicians they trust.

Finding Deals You can Afford-I believe that anyone can travel if you make that commitment to yourself and quit making excuses. However, not every destination is affordable and who really wants to eat Ramen noodles in their hotel room because food prices are too high? This  article touches on deals that keep popping up every year and how you can be jet set without breaking the bank.

Galapagos Islands– It’s not the cheapest trip you’ll ever take, but Galapagos Islands have been considered to be one of the best places in the world to see nature and learn about how animals have evolved and adapted to fit their environment. Getting around the islands requires a booked tour and an experienced guide. Here’s how to get started:

Beyond Machu Pichu– Mention South America and the first place that most people think of is Machu Pichu. There’s much more to Peru than this iconic ruined Incan city. Where do you go and how do you get there? How to fight altitude sickness and climb the mountain behind the famous picture you’ve seen a hundred times….

Georgian Food– No, We’re not talking peach pie washed down with Coca Cola. The country of Georgia has it’s own unique cuisine that is as ubiquitous in Eastern Europe and Russia as Mexican food is in the US. However, it’s never really made it across the Atlantic. What have you been missing out on? I’ll tell you…..

Easter Island– It’s the most remote island on the planet but I had to go there because I’ve always had some strange attraction to this odd pocket of civilization. Kevin Costner was producing a film while I was there and I ate horse meat for a week not realizing that it wasn’t beef. What is there to  do? You’d be surprised!