USB_Adapter_and Converter_5As the world becomes more high-tech, we’ve become more dependent on laptops, iPads, cameras, phones and other electronic gadgets. If you’re not staying anywhere too long, it’s easy to end up with dead batteries before the day is over and miss out on some great photos or not be able to check-in on Facebook and make your friends jealous. I’ve figured out a few things that work quite well for me and I thought I’d share my list of accessories:
1. USB portable battery charger– this little gadget has saved me many times when I’m using my phone as a GPS or camera and it’s about to shut down. I’ve got a heavy duty one with multiple ports so I can share with a friend or charge my GOPRO at the same time. I carry it around with me wherever I go.

2. Receptacle adapter– there’s at least seven different types of common plug configurations in the world. You can get a universal one (that works on most any plug) or one for the particular region you’re traveling. The easiest and least expensive way to find one is to order it on eBay for a few dollars.

3. Multi-plug outlet– Do you have several things to plug in but only one adapter? The easiest solution is a multi-plug outlet. Keep in mind that this does not change your voltage, so your device needs to be able to handle the voltage. Many computers and travel devices are made for 110V -220V. Most hair dryers and razors are not. You’ll need a voltage converter or you’ll fry your favorite appliance.

4. USB car charger and cables– if you’ve got a rental car (or a really nice taxi driver) it’s easy to keep your phone and other devices fully charged while you’re driving around. If you use a USB style with 2 ports, you can charge 2 phones or maybe even your camera.

5. An extra hotel key card– there’s a lot of hotels that require that you put your key card in a slot to turn on the electricity in the room. Once you leave and take the key, the electricity shuts off and none of your electronic devices will charge. Instead, use a key from a previous hotel inserted in the slot and you’ll have power while you’re out.

6. Laptop– not everyone wants to carry a laptop but I find it extremely convenient for charging USB devices, storing photos, listening to music and lots of other things. If you upload your images to websites such as Flickr, you can let your computer do the work while you’re out sightseeing.

I keep all my electronic gadgets in a computer bag so they’re easy to get to if I’m using my computer or I’m in a rental  car and the rest of the luggage is in the trunk.  A little preparation before you leave home will help you keep all your stuff at peak power.