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How I Started Traveling and Why I Still Do.

My parents took our family camping from the time I can remember. The only international travel experience I had as a child was crossing the Mexican border from Big Bend National Park and a trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls when I was 16. One of my adventurous youth leaders from church was adamant that the young men should become certified in SCUBA and that idea sounded good to me. In 6 weeks I was a certified PADI diver ready to get my fins wet. However, in Houston, there really aren’t many places to dive. The Gulf of Mexico looks more like chocolate soup than water and visibility is only about 3 inches on a clear day. So, after all  that training and spending my hard-earned teenage money on diving equipment, I was ready to go somewhere, anywhere… I cut a few lawns, I actually cut a lot of lawns and eventually booked a trip to Cozumel based on the ranting recommendation of a friend. That was to be  my first international journey. Thinking back, I’m surprised my parents let me go. I was 17 and my best friend and I had no experience jet setting around the world. Even worse, we spoke no Spanish. Mexico  offered me my first taste of ceviche, an amazing underwater world that I never knew existed, and  for the first time...

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Where to Go?

For most newbie travelers, ending up in a country that you know nothing about is seldom a problem. Let’s suppose however, that you end up in a place that really isn’t as exciting as you thought it would be and you really don’t want to spend the time that you had originally planned. Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted to go someplace and just don’t really know much about it and you have only a little time to pick your destinations. If you’re a travel fanatic like myself, you might have made the same decision I did years ago: to travel to every country in the world. If that’s the case, just pick someplace you’ve never been. There’s lots of ways to determine your destinations but you must decide three things. How much time do you have, how are you getting around and what do you find interesting? Some people love churches and some love museums. Your interests might be strange food, ancient ruins, cultural events, festivals, architecture or a combination of everything. Deciding what makes you happy is the first step. Next, you need to pick your transport.  Depending on how far away your interests lie, how off the beaten path they are, and the distance between them are all factors. The the third for most travelers are usually time and money. If you’re traveling by car, an interesting...

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How to Decide Where You Want to Go When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

I won’t lie. Many of my trips are planned around some crazy internet deal that I find on a flight or package to a place I haven’t been or a city that I can use as a hub to explore someplace exciting. Some of my trips have even been planned because I knew that travel would be cheaper and less crowded after a publicized national crisis in the country I was visiting. For example, in Iceland a few years ago, a large volcano sent ashes into the air that paralyzed European travel for a few weeks. When the ash settled, so to speak, Iceland was not getting tourists. It had a little bit of an image problem. Iceland’s economy responded by offering great airfare deals with a free stopover in Reykjavik on it’s European destinations. A country that had been prohibitively expensive suddenly got a little more accessible. This time of year was cold, but perfect for viewing the Aurora Borealis or as it’s more commonly known, the Northern lights. When Greece had it’s economic issues, the media made the country appear to be falling apart. The reality was that traveling was cheaper, less crowded and the Greeks were very happy to have some visitors for a change. I unintentionally ended up in Paris a week after the terrorist attacks. It was a tragic event, but the city was...

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I’m the Traveling Wizard and I want to teach you how to travel the world!

Did you know that only 3% of Americans travel internationally each year? Why do you think that is? The world is a fun exciting place full of amazing adventures.. HOWEVER… Some think that it’s dangerous to travel. They think that they’re going to get robbed or terrorists are going to blow up their hotel. Some think that travel is only for those with lots of money. Some are even afraid they won’t be able to communicate because they don’t speak the language.. And for those of you who are the 3% that get out of the country, many of you stay in one place or book a package trip where your every move is planned by someone else…. How would you feel about just taking off? Think of a place that you want to go, and then go there… How do you think that would feel?! I know that feeling well because I do it regularly and I want to show you how you can do the same thing. I’m not saying everything always works out perfect, but I can tell you that you’ll have amazing stories to tell your friends and you’ll learn all about this wonderful world we live in.....

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