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Hack Your Travel : Part 1- Getting on a Plane

I travel a lot. I sometimes feel like I’ve been on more planes than Edward Norton in Fight Club. After so many departure lounges and security checks, I started realizing that I had started evolving into a different kind of...

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Why Fall is a Great Time to Visit Europe

(Christmas Market in Jena, Germany Every year around September I start seeing the deals. The kids are back in school, the traveling hordes of Americans slows to a crawl and Europe goes on sale. The cruise ships...

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A Strange Ride in Laos

It was a warm night in the town of  Luang Prabang. My traveling companions and I had just polished off some amazing Laotian barbecue and thought we’d have a little fun at one of the night clubs down the street from our...

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What? You Haven’t Been to Bruges?

I was drinking a beer at a local bar the other night and as some of the regular patrons started chatting with me about things they would never remember later, we somehow started talking about Belgium. Let me rephrase that. There...

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Cancun and the “Wristband Economy”

If you ask anyone in Texas where they go on vacation, Cancun always comes up in the conversation. Cancun is like the Las Vegas of Mexico. It’s easy to get there, easy to get to your hotel, easy to stay in your hotel and if...

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