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How to Pack Like a Pro

I’m often asked by my friends what kind of suitcase they should travel with, how any pairs of shoes they should bring and what voltage blow dryer should be packed. What they usually get from me is a lecture as long and as...

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Indiana Jones vs Reality

Who doesn’t love Indiana Jones? He’s cool, can beat up Nazis with a whip and he keeps museums stocked up with things they didn’t even know they needed. So, on the odd occasion someone compares me to Indy, a...

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Upcoming Blogs

This is not actually a blog, rather a series of articles that I plan on  writing in the near future. If you have a subject that you would like me to write on, please drop me a line at: Ireland on...

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Why You Need to Visit Istanbul

                  If you happen to be searching for a flight to Europe this week and you’re using a popular site like Expedia or Cheapoair, you might be a little surprised by the carrier that is more than likely going to...

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