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Indiana Jones vs Reality

Who doesn’t love Indiana Jones? He’s cool, can beat up Nazis with a whip and he keeps museums stocked up with things they didn’t even know they needed. So, on the odd occasion someone compares me to Indy, a smile crosses my lips. As I prepare to travel to parts unknown today, it occurs to me how wrong that comparison is. Dr. Jones crawls out the window of the college he teaches at while he’s got students waiting to talk to him about their grades. I worked till midnight doing a barmitzvah last night and all I could think about was leaving the event and getting on the plane today. Instead of doing what Indy would do, I played the Cha Cha Slide and The Wobble on my DJ rig. I looked at the emergency exit more than once, but I knew the teens wouldn’t let me get far. As I pack and think of how many shirts I need for a few weeks of travel and wonder if my socks will be warm enough, I think WWIJD? What would he do? Really? Have you ever seen Indy carry any luggage? He wears the same outfit in the desert, jungle rivers, and with the exception of knocking someone over the head and borrowing their uniforms to infiltrate the enemy, his clothes stay miraculously clean. What about underwear? Sure the...

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Upcoming Blogs

This is not actually a blog, rather a series of articles that I plan on  writing in the near future. If you have a subject that you would like me to write on, please drop me a line at: Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day– Have you ever thought about visiting Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day? I did last year. I’ll tell you about Temple Bar, The Irish Parade, and how I accidentally embarrassed myself in front of Bono. Traveling to Iceland– Does anyone ever pick a cold place for vacation? Besides me, I mean? Iceland is a great free stopover  on the way to Europe and offers amazing hot springs, spectacular waterfalls, rugged scenery, a quirky capital city and an opportunity to get up close and personal with the northern lights…. Croatia– You never heard about this place 30 years ago….oh yeah, it didn’t exist…. Now it’s becoming one of the hottest destinations in Europe. What’s so great about it? Ummmmm….ancient ruins, beautiful islands, walled cities, great food. If you love Italy, you’ll love the sequel. The Less Romantic Road– If you’ve been to Germany once, more than likely you’ve done the castles, Bavaria, and the medieval towns on the “Romantic Road”. More and more travelers of late are interested in visiting the Germany of WW2 and seeing what’s left of the stadiums, camps and headquarters of the...

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Why You Need to Visit Istanbul

                  If you happen to be searching for a flight to Europe this week and you’re using a popular site like Expedia or Cheapoair, you might be a little surprised by the carrier that is more than likely going to pop up at as your least expensive option. Turkish Air is sometimes less than half the price of other carriers going to the same destination. What’s even more surprising is that even if you’re going to a city in the very western part of Europe, like Amsterdam or Paris, Turkish Air is going to take you to Istanbul first. How do they do that?  The good news is, not only is Turkish Airlines a great airline, but you can get a free stopover in the capital city, and an amazing city it is. If you haven’t been to Istanbul, you’ve been missing out. The city straddles the Bosphorus Strait so that one side is in Europe, the other in Asia. So, there’s your first reason for going. You can cross 2 continents off your bucket list by just crossing the bridge in less than an hour. The former Roman city formerly called Constantinople has been the crossroads of civilization for thousands of years and somehow has been able to take the best from each band of marauders that have conquered it...

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A Quick Trip to Guatemala

Guatemala is beautiful. There’s something to be said for pristine jungles, volcanic mountains, scenic lakes and world famous ancient ruins. It also sounds a little bit like guacamole, which is never a bad thing. I was there a couple of months ago for a fast trip and had an amazing mini-cation. So when my sister called me to ask me about a place that she could book last minute that would be wonderful, Guatemala was my answer. Texas has lots of options to get to Central America whether it is Spirit Airlines, Aeromexico or even Copa Airlines. Competition has been heating up the last few years with more choices including Southwest Airlines in the area. The point is you can get to Guatemala, sometimes even last minute for the same as what you’d pay to travel to neighboring Mexico. Once you arrive, you’ll be happy you came. Antiqua is less than an hour’s drive from the capital, Guatemala City. Few people stay in GC, preferring the UNESCO world heritage site of it’s ciudad hermana. As soon as you walk down the cobblestoned streets, you can often hear the marimba players churning out their tunes. These instruments look like a xylophone on steroids and take several performers playing together to produce the music. Some residents are dressed in traditional costumes for the tourists, and there’s great places to stop for...

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