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Why There’s A Bob Marley Statue in Ethiopia

When you think of Jamaica, you’re likely to conjure up a mental picture of Bob Marley before you think of anything else. There’s no other country in the world where one musician seems to represent the embodiment of an entire culture like Marley is to Jamaica. The dreadlocks, the red/green/yellow color scheme seems sooooo Jamaican. But is it? The answer might surprise you. Look no further than the Ethiopian flag. Does it look familiar? That’s because the Rasta movement is about Ethiopia, not Jamaica. Ethiopia was the only African country that was never colonized by a western power. Countries like Kenya and...

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In the Footsteps of Prince- A Visit to Paisley Park

      First Avenue Night Club in Minneapolis was starting to fill up. I sat on the end of the bar sipping a Purple Rain, a drink made famous by the 1984 Prince movie filmed in this legendary venue. Whether Prince ever drank one himself  remains a mystery, but as I sipped my violet colored libation, I had to smile. I was going to visit Paisley Park the next morning at 10:30. It was the Graceland of Prince Rogers Nelson and it had barely opened to the public less than six months ago. Minneapolis has a lot of great things to...

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Oaxaca- The Real Mexico

I was sitting at a table in the zocalo of Oaxaca enjoying the perfect weather. A young boy approached me with a package of combs. “What was he trying to tell me?” I wondered as I ran my fingers through my hair self-consciously. Next appeared a newspaper guy, followed by a wooden craft lady, and then an older woman selling jewelry. Who needs a Walmart when everything for sale is brought to your table by local vendors with faster service than Sky Mall? I’ll admit I have a little ADD, so sitting anywhere for over an hour makes me...

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Afraid of Lebanon? You Don’t Need to Be.

The immigration officer asked me where I had flown in from. “Lebanon”, I replied. “It’s pretty dangerous over there”, he remarked. “Actually not” said I, “they were some of the nicest people I ever met”. He muttered something as he put a special mark on my embarkation card: a “random” mark according to him that got me VIP in the special search-them-extra-good room. Lebanon has an image problem. Once considered a “the place to be” in the Mediterranean, it lost most of its following during the Lebanese hostage crisis that ended in 1992. Subsequent civil wars haven’t helped. The images on television...

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The Most Amazing Country You’ve Never Heard About

Mention the country of Azerbaijan and you’re likely to get a confused look. Much of the western world hasn’t heard of this nation and is even less likely to be able to locate it on a map. Information about it is sketchy at best. My first thought was that the name sounded like a Middle Eastern newly developed country full of goat herders and antiquated Russian buildings. I’m here right now and all stereotypes I had are completely wrong. The truth is Azerbaijan is a very interesting place full of surprises and although it might not have  landmarks that...

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