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How to Blow Your Mind (But Not Your $$) In Arizona

I first saw a picture of Antelope Canyon on a Windows screensaver. I wondered if it was even a real place since it looked more like a CGI image than something that could actually exist on our planet. As I looked up more information about this remarkable canyon, I realized that I had a growing list of beautiful places in Arizona that I never knew existed. Two weeks ago I plugged  my wish list into Google Maps and booked a flight for Las Vegas.          Why Vegas? Prices to fly to Las Vegas are usually much more reasonable than...

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Git Your Cowboy On! Visiting Tombstone.

The most famous western shootout in American history lasted less than 30 seconds. Almost 140 years later, the town of Tombstone daily relives the gun battle between Doc Holliday, the Earp brothers and “the cowboys”. Visiting Tombstone is like being at a cowboy renaissance festival where you’re not sure who’s acting and who just really really likes to pretend to live in the 1800s. Unlike Deadwood and other famous western towns, the main drag of Tombstone is made of dirt and only allows foot traffic and horses.  It’s about as authentic as you can get to a real cowboy...

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The Amalfi Coast in Las Vegas?

I love Italian food. I’ve wandered through Italy trying gnocchi in Verona, cannolis in Sicily, black ink pasta in Venice and consider myself somewhat of a “cibo Italiano” connoisseur. Last night I had an opportunity to check out the new Amalfi Coast inspired restaurant at the Mirage called Osteria Costa and what a night! I’m not a food reviewer, but it was such an amazing experience, I need to tell you about the evening. The restaurant is an open air concept with several seating options. You can snuggle up to the pizza oven counter, drink Campari at the bar...

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Muck Diving in East Timor

I’m sitting in an airport of a country you’ve probably never heard of. It’s the newest country in Asia. It became independent in 2002 after a 26 year bloody struggle with Indonesia. I’m talking about Timor-Leste, also known as East Timor. Timor is one of the eastern-most islands in Indonesia and means “east” in the native language. So, East Timor translates to “East East”. That probably makes more sense than West Timor, which is the section of the island controlled by Indonesia. East Timor, as the name suggests, is the eastern part of the island as well as a...

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Looking for a Getaway Near Marble Falls?

I’d never heard of Horseshoe Bay when I received an invitation to the “Wine, Dine and Jazz Festival” that is highlighted every year in the Texas Hill Country northwest of Austin. Austin used to be the place to go if you wanted to enjoy the lake and get away from the hustle and bustle of Houston traffic until it became so popular that many peace-seeking weekenders began detouring to nearby Marble Falls. This part of Texas is the Mayberry RFD of the state where things are a bit quieter and traffic is…. well.. what’s traffic again? The Horseshoe Bay...

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