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Why it’s a Great Time to Visit Belarus Now

You may have never heard of Belarus. It’s one of those former USSR territories that gained its independence in the early 1990s and hasn’t seen a lot of publicity since. It’s strongly tied to Russia (Belarus actually means “White Russia” even though no one has ever heard of the created-in-America drink) and currently has the same leader (some say “dictator”) for almost 30 years. It doesn’t have a coastline, making it impossible for the country to ever become a cruise ship destination and lacks any famous landmarks you’ve heard about. Belarus has been one of the most challenging European...

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Pop Art and Pierogis in Pittsburgh

The church looked awfully busy for a Wednesday afternoon. As I walked through the double doors, I immediately noticed there was something a little different about this house of worship. The pews had been replaced by tables and the altar was adorned with giant beer tanks. The stained glass windows and other church decor had been left intact when the building had been transformed into a pub. I soon discovered that The Church Brew Works is truly a one-of-a-kind “religious experience” and like so many things in Pittsburgh, is nothing like what you might it seems at first glance....

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High Rolling in Vegas

I’ve been to Vegas a lot of times. I’ve never considered myself a high roller except maybe by third world country standards. I’ve never flown to Sin City by helicopter, had afternoon tea with Steve Wynn or played blackjack in the high stakes room. I normally stay in whatever hotel I get on sale, run down to Fremont street at some point and see a show or two. This week was different. I wanted to do an article about the more luxurious side of Vegas and a few of my local connections and the PR department of MGM set...

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How to Make Everyone in the World Love You

I hear this phrase a lot: “They don’t like Americans over there”. Usually the person saying it is an American and has never been “there” or anywhere else for that matter. The world is easier to understand if you make assumptions and base opinions  on what you thought you saw or read somewhere. Just apply the principles from what you learned in cartoons: The bad guys are evil and don’t look like us. The good guys look like how we’d like to look and are constantly defending us and themselves from those evil dark men with wicked sounding voices....

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